"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever". ~Mahatma Gandhi

Meditation & Mindful Living

When: Every Tuesday at 10:15am
Where: Boise Public Library (Simplot Room) 715 S. Capitol Blvd. Boise, ID 83702

Join us for a weekly drop-in class on mindfulness. Each week you will engage in conversation about mindful living and learn tips, tools and techniques to help you get the most from your practice. This hands-on class will include new topics each week, discussion and a short mindfulness exercise. Topics may include minimizing stress, cultivating peace, spiritual growth, and development of awareness. Drop-ins welcome, no need to pre-register. (Please note this is not a library sponsored event.)


Transformational Living Series

When: Listen live Wednesday 9am MT (or have access to all episodes on this page)
Where: Online

This weekly 20-minute podcast series is meant to inspire and transform as we go deep into topics of consciousness, mindfulness, energetics, and spirituality. This is a short but sweet exploration of high-minded topics that are broken down into bite-sized pieces that can be easily absorbed and utilized into our daily lives.


Exploring Your Life’s Purpose (new class)

When: Monday, January 29th 6:30-8pm
Where: Timberline High School
Cost: $17 paid to Boise Community Education

Activating your life’s purpose is a powerful experience because we get to ‘Be the change’ we want to see in the world. Learn tools to assist you in uncovering your life’s purpose and how to create more meaning in your daily life. This class is offered in conjunction with Boise Community Education.


Meditation for Self-Healing

When: Monday, February 12th from 6:30-8:30pm MT
Where: Timberline High school
Cost: $22 paid to Boise Community Education

Enter the inner-world of self-awareness and stress relief! Meditation is a powerful tool that will enhance your well-being and facilitate self-growth in every area of life. This class is offered in conjunction with Boise Community Education.


Meditation Basics

When: TBD
Where: Online
Cost: $29

Learn powerful self-care tools to help decrease stress and anxiety through meditation, guided visualizations, and breath work. This beginners’ class is intended to empower and motivate students to take control of their health through meditation and like practices.  Students will learn various ways to create the relaxation response in the body, use meditation for targeted healing and how to gain insight from a formal practice. The class also covers how to use meditation (and like practices), to combat negative thought patterning and conditioning.  It is a mix of spirituality, neuroscience, and mind/body medicine.

This class is delivered live over two 75 min webinars. It includes 2 downloadable guided meditations and class handouts. This meditation course is a wonderful blend of practice and theory.


Understanding Your Energy Field

When: Coming Soon
Where: Timberline High school
Cost: $22 paid to Boise Community Education

This experiential class will teach you to gain awareness of your own energy field. Learn about your energy body anatomy and how to maximize balance for health and healing. This class is offered in conjunction with Boise Community Education.


Lessons From the Chakras

When: Coming Soon
Where: Online
Cost: $139

What are your biggest fears, and what obstacles keep holding you back? Do you see the same challenges showing up over and over? Join us for an in-depth 7-week series on the lessons of the chakras as we explore the primary fears, strengths and learning opportunities presented by each chakra. You will learn how to tune into the stories held in your own energy body, which lessons are part of your soul path and how to transcend them. This class goes well beyond understanding the corresponding characteristics of each chakra and goes deep into the soul lessons provided. We will explore one chakra each week and you will be guided on methods to heal and maintain harmony within each chakra and your energy body as a whole.