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Our body has its own consciousness. This consciousness is deeply integrated with our subtle energy body, but it is also unique. Often when we discuss how to raise our consciousness we talk about how to shift our energy.  The varying energy systems that make up our energetic matrix are important but their interactions are only part of the equation. Changing the functioning of the body has a real physiological impact, but also a larger vibrational consequence as the flow of life force energy can be either supported or suppressed. We want our bodies to be a clean and clear vessel for the energy to move freely so it doesn’t impede the flow. The state of our bodies can also provide us with information about what is going on in the other dimensions of self. If illness begins in the energy field and moves inward, we can use the cues from our bodies to glean insight into the larger energetic issues. So in your quest for higher consciousness, ask yourself, which system needs your attention?

The Cardiovascular System: Is your heart congested?

Heart disease covers a wide range of conditions from heart attacks, to vascular issues, high blood pressure to strokes. In many developed nations, heart disease is the number one killer, but the reason for this is more complex than poor diet and lack of exercise. The function of the heart is to move the blood through the body. In this continual transport process, the blood delivers much-needed oxygen, and nutrients to all areas. Over time, with continued vascular constriction, an increase in pressure and workload, the heart is no longer able to satisfy the metabolic requirements of the body. From a physiological standpoint, the heart becomes ineffective in energy production, transfer, and utilization.  There are many promising lifestyle interventions that can help treat heart disease, but it is important to understand the energetics and complexities of the disease as well.

We speak of the heart often in emotional terms, because on some level we appreciate that the heart is more than a pump or an organ. In fact, it is the point of intersection that connects us to all living things through the field of consciousness. According to the Institute of HeartMath, the heart is a complete and complex system all on its own. The electromagnetic force of the heart is much stronger than that of the brain or other organs. They have also seen in their research that the heart is designed to promote coherence; a balance in the heart, mind, body, and emotions.  Research has been around for decades that love and social relationships have a protective effect when it comes to heart disease. You can take two evenly matched individuals, with the same background and risk factors with one difference. One has a loving home to go to at the end of the day and the other goes home to an unloving and emotionally toxic environment. The person with the loving home will have a lower incidence of heart disease. So in terms of understanding the issues of heart health and creating a clear vessel, we need to understand the energetic impact of our emotional states, our relationship to self and others and how we deal with stress.

Suggestions for improvement:

Find ways to appropriately express your emotion

Heart opening meditation/yoga postures

Stress reduction techniques

Gratitude journal


The Lymphatic System – Are you toxic?

The lymphatic system is an essential part of the immune system. It is also important in the prevention of illness and plays a key role in healing. It helps to clear away toxins, metabolic waste, and excess fluid that if not taken care of can linger in the body and tax the organs and lead to illness. The lymph flow is not pumped through the body like the blood by the heart, its main mode of transportation is through muscle movement. So it is imperative to get regular physical activity for the health of this system.  One of the sure signs that your lymph system is blocked is swollen, painful lumps and bumps in your lymph nodes. Issues with your lymphatic system can also cause severe fatigue, allergies, skin conditions and heart problems.

The reason, that the lymphatic system is important in raising our vibration, is that it is the body’s garbage disposal system. A toxic body weighs down the spirit. The flow of the lymph is intimately tied to the flow of our spirits. If we don’t move, the energy and lymph of this system gets stagnant and is unable to remove what is unwanted. We can see again that the movement of the body is also important for the movement of life force energy.

Suggestions for improvement:


Skin brushing/self-massage

Belly breathing


Endocrine System: What language are you speaking?

The endocrine system is the language of the body. These biochemical communicators send messages through the body in hopes of maintaining homeostasis. Our bodies have many regulatory processes that are governed by these chemical communicators. The endocrine system regulates metabolism, reproduction, mood, and our growth and development. For that reason, it is the system of balance and self-care.

For example, sleep plays a major role in neuroendocrine function and metabolism. So when we do not get enough sleep, the release of those regulatory communicators gets disrupted. This can lead to many other unwanted consequences like weight gain. Being able to reach higher states of consciousness requires a certain degree of balance on all levels of the mind, body, and spirit. This system is our stabilizer and allows us to maintain a vibrational match between our inner and outer worlds. This happens because the same things that are healthy for the body are also the same things that promote higher states of consciousness.

Suggestions for Improvement:

Restful sleep

Adequate hydration

Regular physical activity

Proper nutrition

Stress reduction techniques

The Digestive System: Are you in resistance?

The digestive system is comprised of a group of organs that convert the food we eat into energy. People tend to be more consciously aware of inefficiencies in this system as the feedback can be hard to ignore. Are your bowels sluggish and slow or are they fast and explosive? Do you suffer from severe heartburn or bloating? Inflammation, which many would agree is one of the main underlying factors in all chronic illness, is your body in resistance. When we put processed foods in our body we create a burden on the detoxifying organs as well as provide limited available nutrients for the building blocks of our body’s processes. We also make the body more acidic which is why antacids are widely used and prescribed in the US.

Another important consideration comes in as we follow the food along the food chain. How does the inhumane treatment of the plants and animals in our industrial food supply affect the consciousness of the food we consume?  Is there honor and respect in the process? Does your food have a disrupted energetic imprint? Food, that has been engineered rather than grown, will not contain the life force that whole, natural ingredients do.  You will find that as your vibration raises that many meals will be too rich or too heavy for you to consume. So pay attention to the way that food makes you feel, does it make you feel light and full of vitality or heavy and uncomfortable? Paying attention to the resistance created in the body by the foods we eat, assists us in eating more in alignment with our bodies needs and creates a container for the free flow of life force energy.

Suggestions for Improvement:

Eat whole foods with a concentration on raw foods and plant-based ingredients

Diet rich in fiber, omega 3s

Avoid excessive caffeine and alcohol

Utilize pre & probiotics

The Nervous system: What programs are you running?

The nervous system is responsible for movement, relaying the motor and sensory information between the brain and the body and analyzing and interpreting that information. How the information is perceived is based on experience, past memories, and emotions. We have programming embedded at every level from the basic reflex arcs to years of conditioned responses. We need to think of our brains as a tool and use it to direct the body towards wellness. This requires that we become more conscious and aware of our thoughts, the mental constructs that guide our behavior and most importantly, our incessant self-talk.

Our thoughts have energy and a real impact on the way the body responds to an event. By becoming more conscious thinkers we can become more conscious healers. Creating a calm mind will create a calm nervous system and helps us avoid setting limitations on what we think is possible. If we look at dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease, these complex neurological disorders, have both genetic and lifestyle components. Experts suggest that using the brain in novel ways and lifelong learning are great ways to stave off mental decline. In essence, we are preventing the stagnation of thoughts and challenging our programming by continually bringing in new information and ways of being. On an energetic level, we are nourishing our awareness and keeping our minds and hearts expanded as we continue to personally evolve.

Suggestions for Improvement:


Positive affirmations


Learning new things

Although I spoke about these systems separately, they do function cooperatively in the body. If we really want to explore and engage in the higher realms, our bodies must be up for the challenge too. Pay attention to each of these systems, look at them with an energetic lens and find holistic solutions to bring them back into balance. The clarity of mind and your ability to explore the unknown will expand in proportion to the amount of nourishment you provide your divine vessel.

Angela Levesque is a writer, healer, and spiritual teacher. Her work bridges science, health and spirituality to assist her clients in understanding how they operate, why they make the choices they make, and the importance of the mind/body/spirit relationship.