"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration". -Nikola Tesla

Tools Available:

  • Soul purpose/lesson work
  • Aura and Chakra balancing
  • Intuitive readings and guidance
  • Clearing & cleansing of energy field
  • Awareness development
  • Conscious breathing techniques
  • Meditation/mindfulness techniques
  • Values & identity development

Energetic Tune-Ups Assist With:

  • Regaining sense of self
  • Building self-confidence/empowerment
  • Motivation for life changes
  • Moving through life transitions
  • Creating more meaning and purpose
  • Increasing self-awareness
  • Deepening your sense of spirituality
  • Navigating your spiritual journey
  • Understanding your awakening process
  • Developing your intuition/tapping into your internal guidance system

Stand Alone Services:

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Do you feel like you were destined for something more? Are you ready to embark down the path of spiritual awakening and don’t know what to do next? Are you interested in understanding a soul level view of our existence and what that means for your daily life? These are some important questions and I want to assist you in figuring out those answers. The Energetic Tune-up is designed to clear and balance your energy body first so that we can dive deep into understanding who you really are and what is meaningful to you. This is a multi-dimensional process of self-discovery and deep healing that will transform the way you see yourself and the world.

What’s Included?

  • Clearing and Cleansing Your Energy Field
  •  Energy Healing Session
  •  An Intuitive Reading around soul lesson/purpose
  •  2 Coaching Sessions
  •  Plenty of Handouts & Resources (to keep you engaged and learning about yourself)
  •  Ongoing email support for 3 months

How This Works

Through a series of sessions with me, homework, and email support I can assist you in removing the mental, emotional and energetic blocks that prevent you from stepping into your power. You will discover what is at your essence and how you live according to your true self.  I also tune into the stories held in your energy body and give you guidance on the lessons you are here to learn and how you can transcend them. Sessions 2-5 can be done over the internet, using my virtual meeting room, so you can either call into the room using your phone or we can use the video conferencing function (my preference). For people who live in Boise, appointments at my office are available. I will send you the details after you schedule your appointment. 

The Energetic Tune-up is a 5 Session Process:

Session 1: Clearing and Cleansing Your Energy Field

The first step is to remove anything unwanted from your energy field that keeps you stuck and in negativity. This is followed by a brief cleansing and healing session. This step is done remotely/privately, so you will not be present during this process, but I will let you know the day and time the session will happen. I will also send you a quick email when it is done, prompting you to make your next appointment.

Session 2: Balancing/Healing of the Auric Field and Energy Centers (75 mins)

This is a two-part process.  It includes a 45-minute healing session (done in person or remotely depending on where you live), where I balance the auric field and chakras. Followed immediately by a 30-minute coaching session. Here we will discuss any insights and guidance that I may have for you. We will also discuss the clearing and the information that came in from session 1 at this time. For remote healings, the coaching sessions can be done by phone, or using my virtual meeting room. Upon completion.  I will send you the recording of our coaching session. Your homework will begin this week as well.

Session 3: Intuitive Reading & Guidance (45 mins)

This reading will provide us with information about your soul lessons, life purpose and help us to uncover the subconscious blocks that prevent you from stepping into your power. 30mins prior to our meeting time, I will be connecting to your highest self or a member of your team to prepare the guidance they would like me to present to you. Then at our scheduled meeting time, we will have 45 mins to explore the guidance 1-on-1 and ask any clarifying questions. We will also explore any tips and tools they have to help you shift your behavior in alignment with their guidance. This session will also be recorded and sent to you after the appointment.

Session 4 & 5: Follow-up Coaching (5o mins each)

After allowing several weeks for the healing and clearing work to be integrated, follow-up coaching sessions can be booked. While the clearing and balancing of the energy body is a very important piece, we also need to shift our behaviors in our everyday life. In these last two sessions, we will create a roadmap for success. While still utilizing divine guidance, we will explore real-world tools to assist you in navigating your physical world successfully. These sessions will also be recorded and sent to you after the appointment.

What does an Energetic Tune-up Cost?
The cost is $350 and is due when you make your appointment for your first session. You will not be charged when you book the subsequent sessions.
How do I make my appointments?
Use the “BOOK NOW” link found anywhere on the site. Choose the Energetic Tune-up appointment that corresponds with the session you are booking. Please note that you will pay the full amount when booking Session 1, all other sessions will not have a corresponding charge.
What is the refund policy?
There are no refunds available after I have completed the first session. You will have up to 1 year to complete all five sessions, however, it is optimal to complete the process within 12 weeks from commencement.
I'm not quite ready to commit to the full 5 sessions, can any of these sessions be done as stand alone services?
Absolutely. Please see the links on the left side of this page. To book any of these sessions as stand-alone services, click on the “BOOK NOW” button and select the single service you’d like to purchase from the list of options. Stand-alone sessions are listed after the Energetic Tune-up sessions near the bottom. There is also a 3 session package that can be used for any of my services over the course of 12 months.
How do I pay for services?
Click on the “BOOK NOW” button anywhere on the site and choose the service you’d like to purchase. There will be a Paypal button that allows you to pay directly using either your Paypal account or a credit card.
What is the difference between Empowerment Coaching & the Energetic Tune-up?
Energetic Tune-ups are more spiritual and energetic in nature. They are meant to be a 5 session transformational experience that addresses all levels of our well-being – Mind, body, and soul. Empowerment coaching doesn’t necessarily dive into a person’s spiritual and energetic nature (though depending on the person it might) it focuses more on challenging your beliefs, stories, and motivations. Empowerment coaching focuses more on the mind/body relationship and our interactions with our external world, the Energetic Tune-up is multi-dimensional and takes a more soul level view.

What are people saying?

“I was more than amazed at her level of compassion and her “spot on” intuition.  The work she does “behind the scene” (during the hour that she works on you off the phone), is phenomenal, and each and every appointment that I had with her was beyond exceptional, providing me with a great experience, and useful tools to help me on my journey.

Angela went above and beyond the time frame for each appointment. She truly has a gift for helping people, and is well worth, and more, the fee she charges for her services.  You won’t regret a session with Angela”. C.P

I am an intuitive counselor, life coach and psychic medium — it’s not a simple task to read me, let alone tell me anything I don’t already know. Angela Levesque managed to square off with my higher self and sat me down for a good ol’ fashioned talkin’ to.
There isn’t much that surprises me, but this reading impressed me. Not only was Angela able to bring me face to face with elements of my soul plan that I had not consciously considered, she has the skill to deliver the news with clarity that is rare. If I had to describe the session in two words: Mind Blown.
It’s a blessing to have someone out there who is trust worthy and works deeply with Spirit. I’ll recommend her, often. Sarah Nash

Intuitive counselor, life coach and psychic medium, Nahmaste

Angela is a very gifted Intuitive, who is capable of opening a clear channel of communication with our spirit guides. The information she conveyed is exactly what I needed to hear in this turning point of my life. The knowledge Angela conveyed to me on behalf of my spirit guides, has given me both comfort and empowering motivation. After a long period of feeling “stuck” in my life, I now feel ready to reach for my life Purpose. In deep gratitude, Leslie j Hart

Shaman, The Medicine Lodge

This message was so beautiful, inspirational and personal. I was amazed with the connection Angela was able to make with her intuitive side, as it was so applicable to my life. She truly has a gift. J.P

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