Are you ready in your life for something different? Is there some shift you have been trying to make and just haven’t yet? Whether you are trying to de-stress, eat better or get active, it can be a daunting task. Often people know what they should be doing, but they haven’t explored the underlying motivations or the meaning behind their choices. Why are you making the choices you are making? This talk will help you create meaningful change from the inside out. Learn how to align your heart, your values and your actions so that the healthy choices become a preference rather than seen as a sacrifice.

In this talk you will learn:

-Where you are in the process of change and what you need to focus on to be successful
-How to create meaning around your choices to ensure lasting results
-The brain science behind your habits and how to use this knowledge to create new healthier lifestyle choices
-Develop skills of inner awareness to understand why you make the choices you make