How do I know if I’m ready?

  • Are situations, relationships, and ideas that used to fit starting to get uncomfortable?
  • Are you in the middle of a life transition?
  • Are you opening up to spiritual abilities and want to understand what is happening?
  • Do you have a deeper interest in personal growth and self-awareness?
  • Are you ready to take responsibility for your life and the personal power that comes with that?
  • Do you feel an increased sense of anxiety and/or urgency?
  • Do questions about purpose and the meaning of life keep coming up for you lately?
  • Are you tired of your reactive or habitual behaviors?
  • Do you see patterns and synchronicities and want to know more about them?
  • Do you have a desire to explore the spiritual or energetic nature of your being and the world?

Which offering is right for you?


Are you interested in learning more about personal growth, mindful living, or spirituality in a fun and playful way? Our Inner Light Learning Experiences are group in-home talks where you get to learn and explore a topic of your choosing from the comfort of your own home. Get together with some friends as an experienced instructor speaks on topics related to your health & wellbeing. Available to Boise area residents only.



Are you ready to be responsible and accountable for your own growth and development? Do you remember that feeling as a child that anything was possible? As an Empowerment Coach, I am here to assist you in finding that feeling of potential and possibility again. I want you to get excited about your life and why you are here. By addressing the ‘stories’ you have created that keep you stuck we can bring passion, purpose, and deep connection back into your life.


Are you ready to dive deep into your energetic and spiritual nature? Are you willing to uncover and heal the mental, emotional and energetic blocks that prevent you from stepping into your power? Embark on this 5-session transformative journey that addresses all aspects of your divine nature. A beautiful blend of energy healing, coaching, soul lessons and life purpose work that is designed to truly transform your life – Mind, body, and soul.