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Hestia Health is all about journeying towards health and healing from the inside out.  It is my mission to educate and inspire others to understand the importance of self care, awareness and creating the optimal healing environment in the body. Through my healing work, teaching, writing, and my on-line radio shows I am devoted to enhancing the well-being of others and expanding the healing consciousness within.


Hestia Health is a life long vision of mine about teaching and assisting people in healing from within.  It is my vision that Hestia Health will be a vehicle for myself and others to spread knowledge and ideas that enlighten and expand human consciousness. To communicate a healing consciousness to one another, to better our health and the world.
  1. Providing solid, motivational education meant to empower and promote enduring lifestyle changes through self awareness and the attainment of joy
  2. Promote healing as a interdependent and holistic pursuit that involves all aspects of self; mind, body and spirit
  3. Promote the attainment of a calm mind and open heart with all clients
  4. Understand that all healing starts within and moves outward
  5. Be a vehicle for others to spread knowledge and new ideas that serve to enlighten and expand human consciousness
Hestia was the goddess of hearth and home.  You have all heard the expression the home is where the heart is.  This is the spirit of Hestia. Hestia had an internal focus, choosing to put her efforts towards meditation and contemplation. She was represented by the eternal flame symbolizing the center point within each one of us. She found sacredness in the ordinary, and was able to see beauty in the fundamental activities that allowed for her existence. Her name means 'the essence', the true nature of things.
Hestia Health is about living life with an open heart and a calm mind.  It is about creating change, health and happiness from the inside out.  All change starts with the individual at their center and moves outward.  The more we begin to look within, the greater our understanding of our own health and healing.  It is ultimately the same things that will heal the body, that will heal the world.
We are at a point in history, when more than ever, we need to understand our connectedness. This can only be achieved once we still our minds and open our hearts.  Mindfulness, meditation, breath, awareness and gratitude must be the focus.  These are the things that will begin our healing; mind,body and spirit.



Angela Levesque

Angela Levesque is an intuitive lifestyle consultant, awareness coach and energy healer. She knows that our level of awareness governs every aspect of our lives. So in her work she bridges science, health and spirituality to assist her clients in understanding how they operate, why they make the choices they make, and the importance of the mind/body relationship. Angela has a clinical background as an exercise physiologist, as well as training in Reiki, Healing Touch, Reconnective Healing, hypnosis and meditation. This allows her to take an integrative approach to her coaching work.


Angela also hosts a weekly radio program called Entanglement Radio on iOM.fm. Every week she interviews leaders and visionaries in the fields of consciousness, spiritual science and conscious healing. As an outside of the box thinker and avid researcher, Angela’s guests appreciate her in-depth interviewing style. Drawing on her own background as a holistic healer, she is able to ask insightful and intimate questions that bring out the best in her guests. She is also not afraid to challenge the status quo and believes in the importance of spiritual activism, aligning the heart with one’s actions to create a better world.  Angela is one of the founders of a local non-profit organization that offers non-medical support services to anyone touched by cancer in Idaho. There she teaches weekly classes in mind/body awareness for people living with cancer. She also instructs classes and workshops both on and offline in mind/body weight loss, meditation, intuition development and self-care. She recently published her first book entitled Healing Environment: The Conscious Creation of Health that outlines the individual, spiritual and environmental roots of our health crisis. Angela is also a featured author and editor for OM Times Magazine.


Through her teaching, writing, healing and volunteer work she strives to get others excited about their lives. It is her passion to promote knowledge and ideas that enlighten and expand human consciousness. For more information visit www.hestiahealth.com.

For a list of qualification or my healing philosophy see here. 



Every aspect of your life is governed by your level of self-awareness.  By bridging science, health and spirituality, I can assist you in understanding how you operate, why you make the choices you make, the importance of the mind/body relationship and give real life tools to help you bring more meaning into your life, your health and your choices.
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We are at an exciting time in history, our education is evolving and we are understanding that people learn in a variety of ways.  Hestia Health offers many classes and workshops both online and in person in mind/body weight loss, meditation and self-care.  More info
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Being trained in Reiki, Healing Touch & Reconnective Healing and a background in exercise physiology my work is a blend of energy clearing & balancing combined with intuitive guidance to bring a deeper level of awareness to your choices, habits and opportunities.

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  • Phone: 208.283.1556
  • Email: angela@hestiahealth.com
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