Tuesdays Ongoing – Moments in Mindfulness at the Cancer Connection Idaho
Dec. 8th at 7pm MT – Inspired & Empowered- Free Webinar
Dec. 16th – Barbara Marx Hubbard on Entanglement Radio
Jan. 6th – don Miguel Ruiz on Entanglement Radio


Do you remember that feeling as a child that anything was possible?  As an Inspiration Coach, I am here to assist you in finding that feeling of potential and possibility again. I want you to get excited about your life and why you are here. By removing the mental, emotional and energetic blocks that keep you stuck, we can breathe spirit back into your life.


Join me Wednesdays at 12 pm ET for Entanglement Radio on the OMTimes Radio Network. Each week I interview leaders and visionaries in the consciousness, New Thought and conscious healing movements for a unique blend of science and spirituality. Listen in as we explore the potential & infinite possibilities of what it means to be human with some of the best guests in radio.


Global Reading for 2016 – Heal Within to Heal Without

Every year at this time I like to do a global check in and see what soul lessons we face in the coming year. 2016 is the end of a 9-year cycle. We have seen many changes since 2007. If we look at one of the main themes of this past cycle, it has been one of revealing; bringing forth to the collective consciousness what once was hidden.

Inspired & Empowered – Living the Life You Want

Through our experiences, we create ideas about ourselves and the world, that shape our perception of what is possible. We then create outcome driven expectations and use those as our measurement for a successful life. It is time for us to look within and find our own answers to the questions of why am I here and what makes me truly happy?

Social Media Etiquette

“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” -Aristotle It seems like the public discourse on social media these days is either all thumbs up or a vitriolic wasteland where people feel the need to personally attack one...


“We must unite, it is our rite. But through the heart and not the mind. With fertile light, we speak our plight. To love ours as all mankind.”

Marrow Creative by Kelsey Campion

“I have always seen the world through the eyes of a lens, I just haven’t always been aware of it. I think in moments, flashbacks, and memories and am intrigued by stories untold.” When I was 13 I knew I either wanted to go into a creative field (fashion...

Climate Consciousness By William T. Hathaway

To paraphrase Mark Twain, everyone talks about climate change but no one does anything about it. No one, particularly those in power, wants to make the necessary sacrifices. The latest round of international negotiations served mainly to postpone decisions and action....


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