Hestia was the goddess of hearth and home.  She had an internal focus, choosing to put her efforts towards meditation and contemplation. She was represented by the eternal flame symbolizing the center point within each one of us. She found sacredness in the ordinary, and was able to see beauty in the fundamental activities that allowed for her existence. 


Every aspect of your life is governed by your level of self-awareness.  By bridging science, health and spirituality, I can assist you in understanding how you operate, why you make the choices you make, the importance of the mind/body relationship and give real life tools to help you bring more meaning into your life, your health and your choices.


Being trained in Reiki, Healing Touch & Reconnective Healing and a background in exercise physiology my work is a blend of energy clearing & balancing combined with intuitive guidance to bring a deeper level of awareness to your choices, habits and opportunities.


We are at an exciting time in history, our education is evolving and we are understanding that people learn in a variety of ways.  Hestia Health offers many classes and workshops both online and in person in mind/body weight loss, meditation and self-care.

Finding Your Excellence

Everyone is excellent, but many people can’t see it because we spend so much time under the weight of other people’s expectations. In a world where our daily activities become fodder for social media, it becomes easy to lose our voice and our own sense of excellence.... read more

Do We Need to Unplug for Better Health?

Do you remember the days when you needed to send a letter to a friend in order to correspond? How good it felt to open up the envelope? Nowadays, our postal service is in peril because nobody wants to take the time to send those messages. Caroline Myss, a brilliant... read more
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