Hestia was the goddess of hearth and home.  She had an internal focus, choosing to put her efforts towards meditation and contemplation. She was represented by the eternal flame symbolizing the center point within each one of us. She found sacredness in the ordinary, and was able to see beauty in the fundamental activities that allowed for her existence. 


Join us for a thought provoking, heart-opening conversation every Wednesday at 12 pm ET for Entanglement Radio on OMTimes Radio, iOM.fm. Each week the host, Angela Levesque will interview leaders and visionaries in the consciousness, New Thought and conscious healing movements for a unique blend of science and spirituality. Listen in as we explore the potential and infinite possibilities of what it means to be human as we draw on the wisdom of some of the best guests in radio.


Are you in need of a little extra guidance in your life? Or want clarity around a situation? I offer intuitive readings where I connect with your spiritual team and find out what you most need to know to help you on your path. With my extensive background in energy therapy, I also tune into the stories held in your energy body and give you guidance on how to release those stuck energy patterns. I also offer one-on-one coaching for further assistance in creating the change you want in your life. See my Offerings page for more details.


We are at an exciting time in history, our education is evolving and we are understanding that people learn in a variety of ways.  Hestia Health offers many classes and guided visualization to help you develop a deeper level of self awareness around mind/body weight loss, intuition development and making meaningful change. Check out the teaching page for classes held in Boise.

Finding Your Excellence

Everyone is excellent, but many people can’t see it because we spend so much time under the weight of other people’s expectations. In a world where our daily activities become fodder for social media, it becomes easy to lose our voice and our own sense of excellence.... read more
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